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What is the height of the shower head?

What is actually the height of the shower head, is what it means
Shower head will be placed on your head. After the flow of water from the shavers head, it gradually increases. So you have to think about how high it can be, and it can flow well in all areas of your body. It is usually seen above your head to be 9-36 inches high. Depending on how many Inch Shower Heads and how many GPM Flow Shower Heads you use.

How high should a shower head?

Generally, the height of each family is not the same. So determining the right height is very difficult. So everyone has installed it at a standard height. And this normal height is 80 inches from the floor, 6 feet 4 inches. Setting this height does not usually have any problems. But it is better if it is considered beforehand when building the house.

Standard wall mounting shower head-

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This type of shower head is always the common type and is widely used. If the water flows in such a shower head, then the water becomes slightly curved so that the angle, neck and head can be soaked in the same size. If the GPM of water flow is more or less, then raise or decrease a little higher.

Rain shower head-

12 inch rain shower head

It is a little too high to be placed because it gets water straight up and makes you enjoy the rain.

Handheld Shower Head-

You can take it with your hand and You can keep it with your hands at the end of the bath Select this height. Because the height is too high, it will be difficult to take and keep it by hand.

Shower Head Filters-

It is tightly fixed and handheld So, in the same way, they will be placed in the same way.


In the end, hope that you will understand yourself if you read this article. And if you find it helpful, then my writing will be successful.

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