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Why leaking shower head?

1. Generally, there is iron in the water. When the water is still standing, it becomes tight under the water and gradually becomes stiff. And these harder iron stuck in the mouth of your shower head. As a result, the shower can not flow well. The amount of water pressure inside the shower head and pipe increases. The result is gradually leakage.

2. The tape section pipes and shower heads are attached. But when the amount of pressure increases inside the pipe. Then the tape goes away from its own place. The result is leakage in that place.

3. Many times, we buy a cheap shower head at my earliest. His head was made of iron instead of brass. So, for a few days, the rust remains in iron. As a result, leakage is made. Although think of stainless steel to look above. But the internal iron is rusty. So it is better to buy a brass head by avoiding stainless steel.

4. Some shower head switches not functioning properly. That is, some water stays in the flooded form. Then it’s okay to change the inside washer. But we think that it is possible to turn the switch switches tightly. Thus, by applying pressure, this patch is cut or destroyed. As a result of which the shower was used to leakage water. Changing the switch in this situation gives good results.

5. Iron products are used in connection with 1 inch or 1/2 engine pipes. And the metal products were quickly wrecked. The result is leakage there.


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