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New design handheld shower head, high-pressure, Double-sided and Massage Spa Shower Head to Satisfy Your Life.


There are many people who want to get a little change or a new kind of fun. These double-sided outlet technology fountains for them. It is high-pressure and enjoys a sparkle of the magic spa. Its stability is very good so there is a two-year warranty. Together, more than one person or mother can take a bath with her child. KFiAQ ShowerHeads were made as shower head on both sides of the settings, with strong pressure water columns and ultrafine fog for a comfortable massage spa. Its 51 silicon jet nozzle itself is clean. It does not rust. High-quality ABC material has been used. 3 modes of easy operation: 1.Push-pull for high-pressure shower rain. 2. Push-pull for atomized mist shower 3.Make the showerhead vertical for pause. Staying as free with a Teflon Tape Two washer and overhead bracket one. So it can be said that this is the best and suitable handheld shower head for you in your small budget.

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