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Universal Shower Head Water Filter for remove chlorine and substance from Water. shower filter for rain shower head

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Have you ever thought that Chlorine with water flowing from your shower head And chlorine is harmful to your skin? It is very important for you to know. Water contaminants can be more harmful. May make your hair rough. So for skin and hair With this simple shower head, you can use this shower head filter. It is very easy to set up with any shower head. It has two cartridges which can be easily changed. This cartridge can be modified to approximately 20000 gallons. you easily make shower filter for rain shower head.

From the water Harmful chlorine, heavy metals, sediments, fragrances, scarring, and chemical substances Clean etc.

Help protect the skin from dryness.

Helps to enhance the beauty of hair.

Avoid various types of skin diseases.

It can easily be placed with any shower head.

The cartridge can be easily changed.



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