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ConservCo kids shower head toy-Foggy Frog


Many children do not want to take bath or fear. But once you have a habit of bathing with this toy you will not have to worry about the baby’s bath. Then she wants to take a bath himself. This toy has been made to think about the joy of your baby. Normal ‍shower head is usually 2.5GPM The speed of water flow can cause pain in the baby’s body. So in this spring 51 spray jets are for big flour; Soft 1.5 GPM spray is gentle enough for children and children of all ages. And it will be very easy to set up, adding it to your existing shower head. It will move your baby’s hand with the X-long 6 ‘foot-leaf pose. Once purchased You will see your child bathing while playing. So it is best kids shower head toy.

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