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The shower is a sanctuary where you are guaranteed private time to relax. To make sure you get the best possible relaxation experience, you will want to put some serious thought into the type of shower head you have. We’ve looked at the best shower head brands that allow you to enjoy luxury while still working within your budget. Although all models offer the expert to set up (for the steep price of $89.15), they were also chosen for ease of installation–no plumber needed! Also, consider how easy it was to clean the models as well as what different types of spraying were offered. You are guaranteed to find satisfaction with any one of these five models. These models are guaranteed to last a long time and perform well. They are perfect for bathrooms of any size.



Things to Consider When Buying a Shower Head

The first thing to consider is the shower head flow rate. This is the amount of water that is dispensed in gallons per minute. Shower heads have to conform to government regulations regarding the amount of water that comes out at any given time, many models offer a removable water restrictor so that you can enjoy the full flow of water. The water pressure level is definitely more significant than the sheer volume of water.

It’s also good to know what the different types of shower heads are. The most common type is the fixed shower head, which attaches to the shower arm. That’s the part that is coming out of the wall. Then you have the hand-held models, which connect to the long hose in the shower. When it isn’t in your hand, it is sitting in a cradle. Many models offer both as a combo.

There is also water saving shower heads. They also save on gas and electrical usage. These are boosted and aerated to feel like it is dispensing more water than it really is.

Finally, you have the spray pattern. There are many available, and you want one that is easily adjustable. There are three distinct patterns that most offer, although many models will offer combinations as well. First, you have the setting that does wide coverage. It is like a drenching rain and is great for everyday use. There is another drenching spray pattern that is ideal for rinsing shampoo out of your hair. Finally, there is a targeted pattern that produces a sharp spray which is wonderful for tired, aching and sore muscles.

The best have a steady temperature and a strong flow. Although most of the models we have reviewed have a removable water restrictor, they are still satisfied with it on (which will save you money in water and electric bills in the long run).

It is natural to get a build up of calcium, lime, and hard water deposits. However, all of these models are super easy to clean to prevent this problem. You also want to consider the materials the shower head is made out of. Most are made from durable ABS plastic, copper, or other materials that prevent cracking and leakage.


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