aquadance 6 premium high pressure 3 way rainfall shower combo

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you want to do two things overhead and handheld with the same shower, then you will love our shower head. Because I can do two things with it. This product has been tested by experts around the world. So it’s been around the world. Its performance is very good. In this spring you get six types of water flow. There is a system for controlling each water. Here you will get the pleasure of rain. The ease of the massage, the accessibility of your body to your needs everywhere in the body. It’s actually 4 inches in size If you wish, you can get water flow with two faces simultaneously. When you take a bath, you can take the other hand and use it in the other joys of the body. Its stability is very good to guarantee warranty. You can also return it within a month. It will enhance the beauty of your bathroom so it is chrome finish and white in color. Premium Rainfall Shower Head: 6-inch chrome face high-power lever dial Ruby-Clean Jets (for easy cleaning and lime buildup resistance). Anti-swivel position lock for easy and secure connection ANGLE-ADJUSTABLE OVERHEAD BRACKET: You allow every fountain to point it to an additional 5-FT for the will-free operation of the will-for-angle angle. Stainless Steel White: Durable heavy duty design with brass connection nut. Includes: 6 “Rain Shower Head Shower Handle 3-Way Separator Built-in Bracket Shower Hose Pluger’s Tape Installation Manual and Warranty. Stutting gift box designed in the US: sophisticated, upscale packaging for a perfect Easy Tool-Free Connection: Plumber does not have to make calls – only three hands-hard connections are installed in a few minutes. Any standard shower fits the hand. Best Lifetime Warranty: Smile-free US Limited Lifetime Warranty with Live Customer Service Agencies in the US. Speed ??of water flow is 2.5 gpm





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