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7 color changing led shower head with pressure sensor for your bathroom

1. Power Spa seven Color LED Shower Head

It can change 24 colors at the moment. You can tell here the color game look very nice. No battery is needed. You will get all the benefits including rain shower head, handheld shower head, body spray. Modern technology has been used.  So it can understand your needs. It will enhance the beauty of a chrome finish in your bathroom. And the American people loved it.  There is one year warranty.

Prce: $39.98

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2. Hotel Spa Neon Ultra Shower Head. Luxurious and 7 color hand shower head.


This is a beautiful and luxurious shower head for your bathroom. It will change the color of the color very fast. As a result, the beauty of your bathroom will increase and when bathing will be a happy life. Adding LED light with bath water means great fun. The combination of both normal rain shower and handheld shower. Do you want to buy the shower head with beautiful LED lighting? Then click Read More to know more information or buy it.

Prce: $33.39

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3. 5 Setting LED Shower Head | DreamSpa Set

Beauty in your bathroom? And if you want water colors like your mind you can buy this shower head. You can buy it in a small budget.  It changes the color of the water according to the change in water flow. No batteries are needed, so the cost will be reduced. It looks so nice to finish it in chrome. Ticks are very long. It does not rust.

Prce:  Used from $26.80
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  1. DreamSpa AquaFan 12 inch Rainfall and LED Shower Head

    7 রঙ পরিবর্তন নেতৃত্বে ঝরনা মাথা

    7 color change led to the shower head with a pressure sensor: $ 16.46


Led shower head timer: You will get LCD Display with Rain Shower Head. As a result, you can see the temperature of the water. It changes light color with water temperature changes. For blue color – 95F (35C) for cool, light color – 95-108F for warm (35-42C), red color – Hot color red color 109-122F (43-50C) – 122F (50C) alert. The 12-inch shower heads mean plenty of rain. It is a turning shape in which the body can fully supply water. Because the chrome finish finish looks good. Could you stay safe for many years? There will be one year warranty. LED shower head timer will help you.

Prce: $ 16.46

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This led shower head the USA,  led shower head Canada, led shower head Australia and world based.

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