Best rain shower head for your bathroom

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When it comes to taking that nice warm shower in our homes, there are different experiences on how people would like to go about it. Many people like to go for the rain experience in their showers, and with that, there are some rain shower heads options that one could choose from for their home. Let us try and look at two of the most common rain shower heads that you could weigh out in your search for the perfect shower head.

Rain shower heads are designed for:

• Anybody who wants to enjoy the relaxation feeling of water flow.• Children• Parents• Adults Important features to look for when getting the best rain shower head

1. Size All you would like most is a shower head which fits perfectly your bathroom shower stall else it would feel weird. Also, you would like it as wide as possible so as to offer ample coverage of water.
2. Quality of spray The best of the models are ones which include a unique technology which lets the shower head deliver different shower spray kinds. This ranges from realistic drops of rain to air-mixed drops of water. All of these are too appealing it’s upon the buyer to consider the best choice for them.
3. Durability Different brands are out there producing rain shower heads just like any other household. There are the trusted and well-known brands when it comes to manufacturing things of the sort. It’s advisable that for durability and also for keeping the worth of your money, buy from trusted brands with good reviews from users.
4. Type Rain shower head are either ceiling mounted or wall-mounted. When considering the type to buy you should also keep in mind the size of the shower stall of your bathroom. Also, the device chosen should be checked closely to ensure it fits shower arm of your shower. But with this, most trusted brands make use of set standard sizes of parts.
5. Style Rain shower heads come in various colors. Some of the available colors include Starlight Chrome and Venetian Bronze. As you choose for the best consider one whose color matches the decorating style of your bathroom.

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Pros of rain shower head•

The shower heads are gorgeous.• They provide consistent pattern hence so relaxing.• Increase value of your home and the bathroom.

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Cons of rain shower head•

They are costly considering the technology integrated in them to outdo traditional shower heads.• Its impossible to install by yourself hence you will need a professional which consumes time and also is expensive.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Rain Shower Heads.

Should I make use of plumbers’ tape or pipe during installation of rain shower head?
You do not need to use a tape when installing pivot ball plastic in nature to shower wall pipe made of metal. This is because the adding the tape increase pipe circumference and can make the ball split. But if installing metal ball, you can add between two to three pipe tape wraps.

What can make water stops flowing from the shower head?
Incorrect installation of the hose can lead to no water flowing. Also, if there is a washer left in shower pipe from shower previously used can lead to no flow of water. What you need to do is remove it then using a pencil check for anything left inside the washer and take it off.

Are there extension clips for any model?
Many of the models are compatible with most extension clips. What you need to check is model number written below the barcode.

Can I get the replacement of the hose or bucket?
Yes. The replacement parts can be easily found anywhere even in online stores. Rain shower heads just like any other household need careful consideration before purchase. There are many models availed in the market for you to choose from. Before purchase, it’s advisable that you list down the best of the features to consider. Although ignored, energy consumption is the key factor to consider. Shower heads are known to consume less amount of water compared to previously used shower heads. Water consumption goes hand in hand with energy consumption. Ensure also the shower head you choose consumes minimal amounts of energy. Nothing is as relaxing as a shower after a long day at work or running errands. It enables you to say goodbye to stress and fatigue and say hello to tranquility and relaxation. It leaves you with a burst of freshness and more life. That is why you should invest in a good rain shower head to make these moments even more tranquil. Ever wondered how great it would feel if real rainwater was warm or hot? Well with such shower heads, you have the opportunity to experience this as they boast a wider surface area than the standard run-of-the-mill shower allowing a steady rain like a spray of water to fall gracefully all over your body leaving you refreshed. However, thanks to their popularity, rain shower heads have become so many in the market that choosing the right one can prove to be a futile task. That is why we took our precious time to review the best rain shower head currently in the market to help you make an informed choice.

Who Can Benefit from Rain Shower Heads?• Rain shower heads are specifically designed to offer the best shower experience to different types of users, ranging from homemakers, domestic workers, teachers, chefs, researchers, accountants, and other professionals and non-professionals from diverse fields..

Who is the product designed for?
Hansgrohe 274001 Rain dance is designed for anyone looking for a better shower experience. Whether you are a housewife, stay at home dad or you work shifts, this rain shower head is wide enough to completely drench and offer you total body water coverage making you feel like you are in some sort of tropical rainstorm down in Africa, allowing you to keep your troubles and worries at bay. It enriches water with air creating a rain spray like effect that will leave you completely refreshed. Take a look at some of its features below.

1. Size and installation
This is the most visible feature of this rain shower head. It features an incredible diameter of 9.375 inches which when combined with its unique air jet technology replicates real rainfall and offers you complete body coverage allowing you to rejuvenate and make you feel like you are taking a shower somewhere under a beautiful waterfall. Besides its wide diameter, it has a flow rate of 2.5 gallons of water per minute which is the right amount of water and also pressure for a comfortable shower, unlike other shower heads which make you feel like you’re drowning. You do not need to have plumbing skills to install the Hansgrohe 274001 Rain dance. It is wall mounted and requires no assembly. Thus with the basic skills, you can install it yourself.

2. Design and settings
Another factor that you should consider while purchasing a rain shower head is its design and functionality. Your shower head should match your bathroom décor and the manufacturer made it easy for you as you have the option of choosing between a chrome finish or brushed nickel. Both options often blend in with any form of décor thus making it easy for you to be flexible with your choices. Additionally, you don’t have to bear with the 2.5 GPM pressure as you can either set it to deliver a water at a lower pressure or opt for the normal depending on your mood.

3. Quick clean function
With standard run-a-mill shower heads, you have to designate a special day for cleaning as they easily get limescale deposits which are difficult to clean and only come out when you use cleaning detergents. However, Hansgrohe 274001 Rain dance transforms your bathroom experience as you can now shower for long periods without stressing about the limescale deposits thanks to its quick clean function. You can effortlessly reach out to the nozzle and wipe the deposits and prevent clogging thereby ensuring that your shower experience is never interrupted by anything.

4. Run Air spray mode
The primary reason why most people buy rain shower heads is to get that rain like experience while in the shower and we are glad to let you know that the Hansgrohe 274001 rain dance does not disappoint. Just like its name suggests, this shower head will have you dancing in its rain like spray thanks to its sophisticated air infiltrated water stream technology which mixes air with water delivering fuller water droplets. This makes each drop softer, lighter and more intense and at the same time offers more body coverage as they are filled with air creating a luxurious spa-like experience and allowing you to take your shower experience a notch higher.

5. Warranty
One of the most essential factors to consider while purchasing a rain shower head or anything for that matter is its warranty. The longer it is the more the confidence the manufacturer has in his/her product and hence the better the quality. In respect to that Hansgrohe 274001, Raindance’s one-year returnable warranty was an area of interest to us. Most shower heads will stop working after a few months but with this shower head, you’re assured of an incredible bathroom experience for twelve months and above.

• Wide diameter for full body coverage
• Quick anti-calcification function for easy cleaning
• Available in easy to blend colors
• Perfect water pressure
• Incredible disc-like design

• Only has two water control settings
• The disc is fragile and will easily break if it falls

1. Can I use this shower head with shower mixers from other companies?
A: Hansgrohe 274001 Raindance is universal and can be used with any shower mixers.
2. How far above should I mount it for the best effect?
A: It should not be set too high. For instance, if you have a standard 8-foot ceiling use a 4-inch extension to experience the magical feeling it delivers while waterfalls gracefully on your skin.
3. Can the Hansgrohe 274001 Raindance pivot?
A: Yes it pivots at about 150

Final thoughts
Gone are the days where humans had to warm water and carry it with them to the bathroom in a basin for a shower. Technology has made it possible for us to shower like bosses. In fact, thanks to rain shower heads you can now create your own cloud and experience the relaxing rain like droplets fall on your body. If you can’t do it outside now you have the opportunity to do so and enjoy the relaxation from the comfort of your home. The Hansgrohe 274001 Raindance makes this possible thanks to its wide diameter, incredible water pressure, great design and the fact that you can accessorize it makes it even more convenient.


Have you ever thought of standing in the rain to let gentle raindrops fall in style onto your face? It feels incredible, offering you a sense of serenity and relaxation. Now you can enjoy this fantastic sensation while taking a shower right in your own home. If you buy the best rain shower head, you will transform your shower activity into a calming rain forest feeling.Rain shower heads are specially built to make their water output look like a light drizzle or a romantic waterfall. They resemble a disk with several rubber holes via which water flows out. The best models allow you to change the settings and the flow of water to a mild afternoon light rain or the strong downpour of a rainstorm. Other than making you feel good, these gadgets also offer some utility. Their broad heads guarantee nice coverage at different heights without requiring adjustment.



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100% METAL 12 Inch Rain Shower Head with 2.5 GPM High-Pressure Rainfall Spray | Large Round

This is a 12-inch circular fountain. Increase the beauty of your bathroom. Your bathroom will be identical to the dynasty. The 12-inch shower means much rain. Here you can control the temperature of the water. Being made of 100% solid metal is very hard. Its stability is very good. Besides, there is one year warranty. An intelligent man takes only one year’s Hummerhead warranty. Its water section 2.5 gpm or water flow is very good. You need to know that the people of our company are checked by their own people. So you have no chance of cheating. Once you have purchased it, you will be free from worry for many days. What could be better than the rest of your day?

To See 12 Inch rain shower head



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Rain shower Shower head for Ultimate Wall or Overhead Ceiling Mount Rain can | Chrome Finish

Back then homeowners did not have much of a choice when it comes picking a shower head for their bathrooms. Plastics were the only available showerhead materials. However, this changed and is the main reason behind the introduction of this type of shower head for your bathroom use.
Made from a solid metal material, these kinds of shower heads have the durability advantage that could last you a lifetime compared to the plastic shower heads. Getting this kind of shower head for your bathroom will give you an amazing rain shower spray effect, and its modern mirror like appeal gives you a nice luxurious decor to your bathroom. It is a good idea for homeowners who are tired of using plastic shower heads and are looking for a much quality one.


• Metal material- To give homeowners an option of the shower head to choose from, the product comes in a metal material that is in a solid state which is significant in giving the product a longer lifespan. Most shower heads available are products of plastic material, and we all know how weak plastics can be regarding their lifespan.
• Easy Installation- The shower heads are unique and simply designed for any individual who is looking to install them without the help of a professional. The product also comes with a manual that will guide you in your installation.
• It is an ideal showerhead for an individual who is looking for the rain shower spray effect.
• Some chrome layers on the product to give it a modern look for individuals who are looking to add decor to their bathrooms. The modern look is no different from the modern spa-style giving you a 5-star experience as water pours from the shower head.
• Pressure Flow- About 12 inch in size and a high-pressure flow of 2.5 GPM, this type of shower head could be a good choice for you if you are after the luxurious showering experience in your bathroom. However, with its high pressure, you don’t have to worry about high water consumption and increase water bills in your home since the products are designed to prevent this from happening.

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SomovWorld Shower Head

SomovWorld Shower Head

This elegant rainfall showerhead performs well with either low or high water pressure. It also has a removable water restrictor. The nozzles are self-cleaning, with ninety ...

KOHLER 10282-AK-CP K-10282-AK-CP One Size Polished Chrome, KOHLER

KOHLER 10282-AK-CP K-10282-AK-CP One Size Polished Chrome, KOHLER

Best-selling single-function wall-mount showerhead with Katalyst air-induction sprayKatalyst air-induction technology maximizes the air/water mix for a powerful, even flow

The Speakman s-2005

The Speakman s-2005

Most powerful high-pressure shower head shower

$62.67 $65.00
KOHLER K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Moxie Shower head and Wireless Speaker, Polished Chrome

KOHLER K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Moxie Shower head and Wireless Speaker, Polished Chrome

1. The KOHLER K-9245 – CP 2.5 GPM Moxie shower heads with wireless speakers.




Moen 6320ORB velocity multi-function rain shower head with oil rubbed bronze

Moen 6320ORB velocity multi-function rain shower head with oil rubbed bronze

The muscle of shower heads is the Moen S6320 Velocity. It’s a two-function rain shower 8-inch shower head with a 2.5 GPM immersion technology. Apart from this, it has a flip lever ...

5. Rainfall Shower Head Bronze Finish With High Flow Big Waterfall and Luxury Rain shower heads

5. Rainfall Shower Head Bronze Finish With High Flow Big Waterfall and Luxury Rain shower heads

Rain shower head – oil- rubbed bronze measures 8.9*8.9*3.1 inches and a surface face of 9 inches. Manufactured using a luxuries ABS material and easy to install since it’s a wall- ...

Albustar 6 Function Pulse-SPA series Luxury Shower Head with Massage Experience, Wall-Mounted, High Pressure, Easy Installation, Chrome Finish

Albustar 6 Function Pulse-SPA series Luxury Shower Head with Massage Experience, Wall-Mounted, High Pressure, Easy Installation, Chrome Finish

The back of this model is made of copper, which is far more durable and prevents cracking. It has a massage function with a Pulse-SPA patented technology. Driven by water, the ...

Aqua Elegante 6 Function Adjustable Luxury Shower Head-High Pressure Boosting, Wall Mount, Bathroom Shower Head for Low Flow Showers-Chrome

Aqua Elegante 6 Function Adjustable Luxury Shower Head-High Pressure Boosting, Wall Mount, Bathroom Shower Head for Low Flow Showers-Chrome

This model has six different settings. These include pulsating massage, saturating power blast, water saving, gentle rain as well as two mixed modes. It also has a removable water ...

10 “modona rain shower head .5 years warranty with polished chrome for you.

10 “modona rain shower head .5 years warranty with polished chrome for you.

If you want a lot of water, it’s right for you. Because it’s rain shower with 10 inches head. Its water flow speed is 2.5 gpm. This is a modern design fountain. Sprinkled and ...

8 in. shower Head by WaterPoint, Best air mass downfall nozzle with Brass Swivel Ball, Polished Chrome, Uses half-hour Less...

8 in. shower Head by WaterPoint, Best air mass downfall nozzle with Brass Swivel Ball, Polished Chrome, Uses half-hour Less...

It’s a rain shower. Size 8-inch head. Made of smooth appearance and made of solid metal. Do not rust easily due to stainless steel construction. The speed of water flow is 2.5 gpm.

KZKJ High Pressure Shower Head. Air injection causes rain

KZKJ High Pressure Shower Head. Air injection causes rain

This is a very nice shower head. Since it is made of brass it will not be leakage. Do not rust it. Its self-cleaning system is designed for Jets. It’s a 4.2 inch size shower ...

High pressure shower head with 3 and 5 types setting

High pressure shower head with 3 and 5 types setting

1. High pressure.2. Get low pressure and good water flow.3. Switches made of ABC plastic.4. Can be purchased in the short budget.5. Chrome finish.6. Net.7. 3 function switch button

aquadance 6 premium high pressure 3 way rainfall shower combo

aquadance 6 premium high pressure 3 way rainfall shower combo

If you want to do two things overhead and handheld with the same shower, then you will love our shower head. Because I can do two things with it. This product has been tested by ...

Waterpik Shower Head – Flexible Neck 6-Mode Rainfall Rain Shower, 2.5 GPM – White, CF-201

Waterpik Shower Head – Flexible Neck 6-Mode Rainfall Rain Shower, 2.5 GPM – White, CF-201

This is a good quality waterproof shower head. This fountain can change the position of your choice as a 12-inch shower neck. Because of being big, you will enjoy the tremendous ...

See Shower Head like your choice.

See Shower Head like your choice.

1. The top shower heads –2. Bath panels and shower heads –3. Standard wall shower heads –4. Portable shower heads –


Comparison between SR SUNRISE 10 Inch Ultra Thin Solid Square Stainless Steel Rain Shower Head

High-Pressure Rainfall Shower Head Polished Chrome Finish SRSH-1003 and 100% METAL 12 Inch Rain
Shower Head with 2.5 GPM High-Pressure Rainfall Spray | Large Round Rain shower Shower head for
Ultimate Wall or Overhead Ceiling Mount Rain can | Chrome Finish.
• SR Sunrise, 10-inch shower head, comes in a wide range of style types that an individual can choose from, unlike the 100% Metal 12-inch shower head which is limited in its material used.
• SR Sunrise comes with rotating connectors for shower angle adjustment unlike the 100% Metal shower head which limits one on the angle of the shower.
• Comparing between the two, the 100% Metal 12 Inch is heavier than the SR Sunrise shower head.
• Unlike the SR Sunrise which is quite easy in its installation, the 100% Metal can be quite complex for a beginner who is looking to carry on with them all by themselves.
• Looking at their costs, the SR Sunrise is a bit cheaper compared to the 100% Metal 12 Inch. Keep in mind that this is significant for an individual who is working on a fixed budget plan in their purchase.
• Just as the name suggests, the two types of shower heads come in two different sizes; the SR Sunrise is about 10 inch round, and the 100% Metal is about 12 inch round.
• Unlike the 100% Metal shower head, the SR Sunrise has a technological feature advantage to it.
• When it comes to installing of the 100% Metal shower head, you have wide options to pick from thanks to the fact that this product is compatible with some installation options.


• They are both made from a strong, solid material making them durable to last a lifespan. Buying either of the two will guarantee you the value of any dollar that you spend on the product purchase.
• They both have layers of chrome on it to give it a final shiny appeal. The layers of chrome are significant in giving the homeowners a luxurious experience in their bathrooms.
• They are both a modern design that recently hit the market. Note the fact that their modern feature and design play an important role in reducing your rate of water use as you shower.
• These two types of rain shower heads are made to give you a high-pressure rain shower spray which is significant to help in fatigue relief as it gives you a fresh feeling.
• After sales services in both of the products which include a warranty is a good way of luring more clients into buying the shower heads. With the warranty at your advantage, you can be able to seek replacement once you start experiencing any issue with the product.

With some rain shower heads available that a homeowner could choose from for their bathrooms, finding the right product which will give you the amazing showering experience can be a challenge for some people. Since the list is endless, we have listed two of the most common and influential shower heads that are having positive reviews from its users

However, if you still have your worries on which to pick between the two, having a look at their comparison will guide you in making the right choice. Both are good quality shower heads that one could pick, but if you are planning on working with a low budget plan, SR Sunrise could be what you are looking for your showering experience.

Avoid the ancient plastic shower heads that could easily break and get yourself one of these two modern metal rain shower heads. Improve your home decor as you give yourself a luxurious experience by getting either of the two shower heads and get the value of your money.The sound from falling raindrops is soothing universally and it can not be stated as a coincidence that most music tracks meant for relaxation involve running water sounds or even sounds of overflowing spas with fountains. If that the case, then what else could be more relaxing than just standing below a waterfall? Its possible to move those feelings of relaxation to your bathroom such that you enjoy anytime of your choice without relying on weather conditions. But then how can this be? It’s possible with a rain shower head. This is a cap like designed in such a way that the water it outputs resembles romantic waterfall or light drizzle. Its disk-like with many rubber holes where water flows out through. Models are available which enable you to adjust water flow settings to what you prefer. This rain shower head translates your daily mundane shower to de-stressing experience which you will wish to be under every time.


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Top 5 Best Rain Shower Heads 

 With different models crowded in the market, picking the right shower head may seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, this guide will discuss 5 reliable and top-rated rain shower heads to help you choose a product that suits your needs.

1. Delta RP52382 Raincan Shower head Designed by Delta Stable.

best rain shower head

Delta RP52382 Universal Showering Components, Touch-Clean Raincan Showerhead, Chrome Price: $97.92

This product is a one setting shower head that delivers the whole body, spray coverage. It has a diameter of 8.75 inches. The Delta shower head is available in 4 different textures, including Venetian bronze, polished brass, stainless, and chrome finish. While it only comes with one setting, this gadget offers a power rate of water flow at 2.5GPM or below. Thus, you don’t have to take out the restrict or to receive better water flow. The Delta RP52382 has been getting fantastic reviews and buyers are satisfied with its excellent design and great water pressure.

• Easy to clean due to its Touch Clean feature
• Pocket-friendly
• Superior quality
• Offers soothing rain shower experience
• Complements any bathroom design
• Excellent water flow Cons
• Water may flow directly into your face leading to discomfort.


best shower head


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2. Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Downpour Shower rain shower heads

If you need full rain coverage when taking a shower, this 9.4”diameter unit will deliver impressive results. The spray capability coupled with the coverage gives you a feeling akin to showering in a rain forest. The unit has an advanced technology that supplies air together with water droplets to improve the rain shower experience. It is incredibly multipurpose and allows you to control the water flow. You may choose to relax under a drizzling rainfall after a hectic day, or you can adjust the strength to bring the tropical waterfall feeling.Pros• Awesome style• Excellent quality• Extremely versatile• Provides relaxing rainfall experience Cons• Doesn’t do much to save water.

best shower head



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3. Vida Alegria Spa shower Rain 8-inch Square Soft Rain shower rain shower heads

This soft rain shower head comes with 144 different Silicone jets that guarantee a uniform, continuous and relaxing water flow to give you a relaxing and luxurious shower. It has a detachable flow restriction, so you can get rid of it if you don’t need it. The product comes with illustrated, systematic, easy to understand instructions that make installation easy. This rain shower head is easy to clean and leak resistant.

• Easy installation
• Spa-like experience
• Thin, calming water jets
• Awesome style

• Water streams straight onto your face and may cause discomfort.

best shower head



4. Drisen Products 8-inch Rain Shower Head Rain.

best rain shower head
Water streams out of the nozzles of this shower head to deliver a rainfall experience. It offers broad coverage, wetting your full body and offering you a soothing shower experience. It has a rotatable adapter and a flexible shower arm to assist you in angling the shower head during use. The shower head is made of superior quality materials, making it resilient and impact resistant. The entire body of the shower head is built from solid, sturdy, and heavy-duty plastic with a chrome polish. Chrome always appears shiny. Therefore, this unit will add a sense of class to your bathroom.Pros
• The unit has a flow restrict or
• It has adjustable arm
• Offers relaxing shower experience
• Easy cleaning procedure: Squeeze the nozzles to get rid of residues or any debris Cons
• It is costly to repair this unit
• It is not effective in saving shower head



5. American Standard 9035474.002 Created by the American Standard companyamerican shower head

this shower head is brilliant and pocket-friendly. It mimics tropical rain conditions. It has a simple installation procedure and features a fashionable design that matches with any bathroom style. This product exists in two designs: polished chrome and satin nickel. It is 8 inches in diameter and offers adequate body coverage.
If you want to maximize the rain experience offered by this unit, mount it on the ceiling. That way, you will enjoy a water flow rate of 2.2GPM. The product was designed to lower your utility bill substantially. It features a Water Sense Stamp that guarantees water efficiency.

• Easy to install/mount
• Easy to clean
• Offers rainfall shower experience
• Budget-friendly

• Expensive to repair since it is mounted on the ceiling

Pre-selling Questions and Answers about Rain Shower Heads
1. How do I set up my shower system?
Your rain shower head comes with an easy to follow instructions manual. Carefully read the instructions before you begin the installation. You can also watch the many installation videos available online to make the process easier.
2. Do I need plumbers tape during the installation process?
Don’t use any tape to connect plastic pivot ball with the metal shower wall pipe. The incorporation of the tape raises the circumference of the pipe, resulting in the splitting of the pivot ball. However, when the pivot ball is made of metal, you can use 2 to 3 cloaks of the pipe tape.
3. How long is the warranty duration of my shower product?
Most rain shower heads, especially those manufactured not more than a decade ago, have a partial lifetime warranty. You will need to provide a dated sales receipt for validation of the warranty.
Rain shower head offers you serenity, relaxation, and spa-like experience. However, you need to read reviews of different rain shower heads and compare different models to identify the best rain shower that suits your needs. Remember to choose a unit that complements your current bathroom décor.


best shower head




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