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Best Shower Head with High Pressure Guidelines to Buy



One of the most frequently asked questions is what is a high pressure or low-pressure shower head. The answer to this curiosity is certainly here. The high-pressure shower head is a more powerful shower that will make you enjoy your shower. The manufactures ensure that it intensifies water pressure by either two ways. The fist way is by making it with fewer shower holes and hence the water source exerts pressure on the shower as it comes out. The second way is by manufacturing it with a pressure chamber that will exert force on the water out. understand shower head is quite the opposite of the high-pressure shower head. Unlike the high-pressure shower head this one has more water holes and is quite suitable for houses with low water pressure issues. There are a couple of things to consider for the right pressure shower head. They may include:


  • The number of spays you want. The more the spray number the better as it gives a consistent wide coverage.


  • The length of the shower head. Ifs it long enough it will be easy for you to have an easy shower with ought struggling to fix yourself at the corner where the shower is.


  • The rotating knob adjustment. The knob adjusted either to high pressure or low pressure depending on the shower you are using.


  • The water pressure you have in your house. If you have low pressure just consider a shower head with low pressure instead of struggling on the high pressure which may end up failing you.


Amazon, our online one stop had different brands of shower heads. They include both the high-pressure shower head and the low-pressure shower head. Here are some guides to help you out in selection:


The Best of the low-pressure Shower Heads

The Original Fire Hydrant Spa Massage Shower Head

fire hydrant spa shower head lowes

Best Shower Head for Low Water Pressure – The Original Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza Massager Shower Head US Trademark Serial Number 87180090 in Chrome
Price: $39.99

Many are times ladies suffer as they try to get shampoo of their hair, here is the ultimate shower head for you to get rid of this problem for good. The shower head has volume control designed for both low pressure and water conservation and hence you will enjoy your shampoo knowing that you are saving the world also. Its adjustable, provides even spray patterns and hence will not miss a spot and can also be hand held. Its available in a variety of colors that include brushed nickel, Chrome, Nickle, Oiled rubbed bronze long body, Oiled rubbed. Just as the name suggests it best for the spa and will certain help out in hair wash as well a smooth hit of water on your head that will not splash all over.


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Most powerful high-pressure shower head shower

The Speakman s-2005

high pressure shower head reviews

Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream High Pressure 2.5 GPM Adjustable Shower Head, Polished Chrome
Price: $30.54

As you may want a powerful hit on your body just as you get out of the gym and want to freshen up you may opt for the most powerful shower head. The most power full shower head is the Speakman S-2005 HB Hotel Anystream. It has stunning features that will make your shower be comfy and elegant. It has high pressure adjustable technology and makes it the leading high-pressure shower brand as at August 2018.

As always, we have to look at the number of shower head sprays and this one has 50 of them for shower and 8 of them for a massage. Both are powerful and jet water well enough and for an even more powerful shower you may opt to go for the 58 of them. On the installation aspect it’s quite easy to install it and is a go in few minutes for test. The shower head is quite big at an estimate of 5 has two settings for volume control. The first one is a 4 inch wide range shower to ensure maximum consistent coverage and the other is a pressure control lever. The GMP on it is about 2.0 and 2.5 and is commonly used in luxury hotels but you may opt to bring your luxury home also. Its available in four major finishes that are the chrome, nickel, brushed chrome or the polished brass. Its knob is on the 360 degree technology but you don’t have to turn it if you don’t want to. Finally, on the price to the luxury its quite affordable.

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Shower Head with Best Pressure

Speakman s-2252

high pressure shower head lowes

Speakman S-2252 Signature Brass Icon Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head, Polished Chrome
Price: $62.67


Made of its durable solid brass the Speakman s-2252 has 48 individual customized spays that feature spray adjusting Anystream 360-degree technology. This will ensure your water pressure is a blast. 6 other more plungers are added to it for efficiency. The spays can be customized by rotating a lever in either direction and its frame is strong enough to optimize high water pressure and will notice a diverse spray pattern it has features such as spray, pour and rain for the intensity of the pressure. The purpose of the making with solid brass is to ensure that its durably beautiful and will not age with time. The shower head is available in 2.5, 2.0, 1.75 gallons per minute to ensure high pressure effectiveness. It’s also equipped with a self-cleaning nozzle as an extra feature.

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How to Increase Water Pressure in your Home

Water pressure being low in your house maybe cause by many things but mainly its due to blocked pipes or leaks on your water pipes or system. This may hinder certain things like laundry, showers or washing your car at home to be done comfortably. Before calling plumbers to fix this for you may opt to first test the water pressure for yourself to be certain that its low and is not a problem of water shortage. There are a couple of ways to eliminate this problem which include:

  • Determine the reason of water shortage. This may be done by use of a faucet and spigot. If the issue may be due to water being hot it may certainly be your water heater that is failing you and you may need it fixed as fast as possible.


  • Sinks, pipes and water systems often get clogged or leaks and this may be due to a couple of reasons. This will certainly lead to your water flow pressure normalcy to be low and if not checked you may end up wasting quite a lot. Its best for you to check on this fix it by either a clean or a seal depending on the issue. Always also check on connection joints for leaks. If you are not sure of solving this just call a plumper or a profession in this and do not seal it with plastic bags instead as commonly seen. This will make your flow be at its best pressure for better use of the water.


  • The water valve on the meters should always be open. This will help you not to experience controlled water pressure as it enters you tanks or pipes. Kids often play with it so make it sure its secure and the water meter is at ground level. To open the valve completely turn it to the utmost left and check on it to as it has a shut sign with an arrow on it. As this may not be the only valve in your house that controls water pressure, the rest should also be completely open.


  • In your neighborhood you might have a local dam and may be the cause of low water pressure. This may be due to a number of factors. They may include blocked outflows that need you to go check on them and unblock. The other cause may be due to the water exit valve being closed halfway of completely. You are required to open it whole up to the end of the left side of the valve. Check on the direction of the shut sign and go to the opposite side of it. Another reason is due to the high number of outflow connections to the dam. The higher the number the lower the water pressure. It’s best if you have a regulated number to the dam or if not possible ration the water in days. Some houses get water a couple of days while some use their storage tanks then after that give the others as the ones who had before use now their storage tanks. The final reason may be due to the pipes that take out of water out of it being small and will require you to get bigger pipes.


  • You depend on your pipes to always help you out on water flow. Always check on their condition as they may lower your water pressure. They may bend in a way that makes the pressure be low. This is not the only issue with pipes as metallic pipes may corrode and hence hindering proper flow of water. It’s best if you use plastic ones. For the bends make sure you fix it well enough and the corroded ones be replaced with new ones.
  • A water pump may be expensive but will certainly increase the water pressure in your house. You may buy one and pump water to your reservoir if your water pressure is low. This will ensure that you do not suffer from both shortage and also water pressure. Amazons Wayne PC4 ½ HP cast Multi-Purpose Pump With Suction Strainer is one such pump to help you out.


  • The other way is by having a minimum number of taps open at the same time. Once you have many taps the will want to quench and this means more water usage hence a low water pressure problem. If for example you are in the kitchen do not open both your wash side and rinse side taps on your kitchen sink. open one at a time.


  • Aerators on your taps may have sediments due to the water coming into the water pipes having some solid particles. Just unscrew it using a proper appliance like a pliers and clean thoroughly to make sure the sediments are no longer the issue now.


  • Homes on high level grounds often have the pressure reducing valves to ensure the amount of pressure into the pipes is regulate. At times the opposite happens and it over controls the pressure. You should close the whole water system for you not to have a splash as you open the pressure valve and fix it. If you are not capable of this call a professional to do it for you instead.


  • Water flows through pipes and the size really matters. If you have large pipes yet the water pressure is low this will be a problem and still if your pipes are small and you have high pressure there will also be a problem. In fact, small pipes and high pressure do not auger well and may burst. It’s wise of you to have the right size of pipes for your expected water pressure. Call an expert during your house construction and have a feasibility study of the pressure levels of the area.


  • For those who have water tanks at their home that is on the ground level and experience low water pressure, take time and elevate it. This will save you the hustle of buying a pump system that may be both expensive and noisy. You should also not elevate it too much such that it hinders water inflow to it.


  • An amplifying shower head is also wise if you want to increase the shower pressure on your shower. You may want to increase the pressure by getting a shower head that consumes a GPM of around 2.5 or 2. Amazon is the best place of getting such a shower head that will solve this problem completely


  • Finally, the issue may not be exactly from your house but from the local water company. Check with your neighborhood that you are not the only one experiencing this. If it’s a mutual problem contact them and explain to them that you have an issue with your water pressure levels at your neighborhood.


Do Shower Heads Increase Water Pressure?

Shower head certainly does increase water pressure as you shower. They are fit with systems such as the Anystream system to ensure you can enhance the water pressure levels. This can be adjusted through rotation of knobs, levers fit to the shower and also the number of sprays fit to it. The shower head you buy will either be of high pressure or low pressure if you certainly want to increase the water pressure levels take the high one. To always make sure of maximum pressure when it that the water pressure is high when low does the following:

  • If the shower head is ineffective just make sure this will not hinder you from a high-pressure bath. Replace it with the finest Amazons’ brands on high pressure shower heads and have a comfy bath.


  • Its advisable if you opt to have a different water tank for the shower separate from the main tank. This would make sure there is a consistent flow of water to the shower head without having to compete while water is being used elsewhere.


  • The other option is installing a shower pump system that will guarantee you high pressure showers all the time. the pump will force water as it jets out through the sprays hence sorting your pressure issue.


  • The shower might have sediments that may be hindering the water pressure to be low. This can be sorted by opening the shower head and cleaning it well for a proper high-pressure shower.


  • If you are using the old traditional shower you that is not electric you may opt to go for the modern electric shower that will adjust the pressure for you and not only that you will have a warm shower. You also need a cold-water accumulator to store water for you before it gets heated up and should be separate from the main water tank.


  • The last way is by installing the pressurized-unvented cylinder which is a long-term problem solver for you. It will involve your plumbing system and hence its advisable if you get an expert in this field as it may require replacing the whole plumbing system.


Amazon is your ultimate problem solve on appliances. We brand ourselves with pride of it and are most definitely customer oriented as we take time to listen to our customer’s needs, advice on the appliance, deliver on time and most of all you enjoy affordable prices at the best discount rates.



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