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btcus4 8” Head High Pressure Rainfall Shower Head.

This is a high quality shower head in a small budget. 8-inch and round shape in size, so the water will fall on the whole body. It is made by high quality ABC Metal. So do not break easily and do not get spoiled. There are 120 silicon jet nozzles which are clean in itself. There are three electroplated layers, so do not rust. To test many types of salt spray, it can be seen that it does not rust. It is very easy to set up. It does not have to worry about stability. It is the high pressure Rainfall Shower Head.

Facilities are:

High quality Shower Head
self cleansing nozzles
High pressure rainfall shower head
Rust anti
easy install and chromo finishes.

 Price: $19.99

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btcus4 8” Head High Pressure Rainfall Shower Head.
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$27.99 $69.98

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