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8 in. shower Head by WaterPoint, Best air mass downfall nozzle with Brass Swivel Ball, Polished Chrome, Uses half-hour Less Water


It’s a rain shower. Size 8 inch head. Made of smooth appearance and made of solid metal. Do not rust easily due to stainless steel construction. Speed of water flow is 2.5 gpm.
Here you will get plenty of rain water. And 30% of the cost of water will be reduced to your cost. More powerful with less water – The shower head is equipped with a modern Antenna INTAKE system, which allows about 30% less water to enable high water pressure in the small volumes of the aquifers. Easily competing sloping ANGLE-Brass Swivel Ball allows easy adjustment of corners in neat corners. Its weight is 1.17 pounds. What is the meaning of rain shower? You will not find anything less than that here. It’s a good quality rain shower in your small budget. It is easy to set up. Once installed, you will not have to worry a long time. It is not easily lost. And warranty is there. What do you think?

Price: $25.00



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