Albustar 6 Function Pulse-SPA series Luxury Shower Head with Massage Experience, Wall-Mounted, High Pressure, Easy Installation, Chrome Finish

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The back of this model is made of copper, which is far more durable and prevents cracking. It has a massage function with a Pulse-SPA patented technology. Driven by water, the rotor rotates at a high speed creating a rhythmed water pulse. This makes for an excellent massage experience that will totally relax you and your aches and pains. There are five different modes for your showering pleasure. You don’t have to worry about water leakage after installing (and they provide seal tape as a bonus), and the quick installation doesn’t require a plumber. There is a lifelong warranty, and the shower head is adjustable over 360 degrees. The stainless steel filter is removable, preventing problems with hard water. It also has a self-cleaning nozzle.

All of these products are the very definition of both elegance and convenience for your home and showering needs. They are all low maintenance, and none require a plumber. They aren’t expensive while still providing luxury. Most of the models are handheld/overhead combinations, although the handheld model can be bought separately with the others. Anyone of these you choose will give you the ultimate satisfaction in bathing. Make sure you research each product to get all the features you are looking for. However, these five should bring you the most long-term satisfaction. We hope these buyer’s guide and review has helped you find the ultimate in the best shower heads.



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