KZKJ High Pressure Shower Head. Air injection causes rain

waterfall rain shower head

This is a very nice shower head.  Since it is made of brass it will not be leakage. Do not rust it. Its self-cleaning system is designed for Jets.  It’s a 4.2 inch size shower head. Higher pressure or lower pressure works well on all occasions. When the shower falls, it takes more space to get windy As a result, there is more contentment during bathing. Air power inhalation is a great way to increase the flow of water, so that the blisters are more beautiful and comfortable. Speed of water flow is 2.5 G.P.M. Chrome finish and chrome color.  It is very easy to set up.  If you have 10 years warranty then how much you want? This is a very good shower head for your small budget. If you buy once, there is no thought at least 10 years.

Price: $14.99

 rain and waterfall shower head

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