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The Best AquaStar Elite (3-In-1) 48-Mode (Stainless Steel Hose) (High-Pressure) With Microban (Antimicrobial) Anti-Clog (Jets for More Power and Less Cleaning) All Chrome Finish (Extra-Long 5 ft) Spa Shower Head Review

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Are you searching for the best spa shower head? Like most things these days, you will be spoilt for choice. To get the shower head, you need to consider your budget, taste and your shower space. One brand you should consider buying is the AquaStar Elite (3-in-1) 48-mode Spa Shower Head. It does not clog, and it lasts for years, giving you value for money. In this review, we’ll look at its key features along with their benefits.

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Why You Need the AquaStar Elite (3-In-1) Antimicrobial Showerhead?

Anti-Clog/Antimicrobial Nozzles

When using regular shower heads, you may experience clogging and the loss of water pressure. They also harbor harmful bacteria, forcing to clean your shower head regularly. That’s why you need to purchase the AquaStar Elite (3-in-1) 48-mode Spa Shower Head.

It comes with anti-clog/antimicrobial nozzles which prevent the growth of mold, bacteria, and mildew around and inside the jet nozzles. It stays clog-free and clean, thereby offering a better performance.


Lifetime Antimicrobial Protection


The AquaStar Elite spa shower head lasts for years, thanks to its Microban lifetime antimicrobial protection (built-in). It’s registered by EPA, a sign of its quality design. For instance, the protection ensures that the device is protected 24/7 from bacterial degradation. Your shower head will provide you with several years of use, while the invisible shield will never wear away or wash off.


3 Showers In One


When using this showerhead, you will love the extra- large 4.3″ head, which works with or without its well designed showerhead hand. Its six settings provide you with 40 combinations of flow patterns, making your shower experience pleasurable. They include Multiple Mixed Settings, Water-Saving Pause, Mist, Pulsating Massage, and Power Rain.


Pressure-Reinforced Stainless Steel Hose


Its stainless steel hose, which is (pressure-reinforced) and is 5-foot long, ensures you enjoy better mobility when using this device. It also offers you a longer reach than other shower brands.It’s perfect for bathing kids, cleaning applications, and washing pets in addition to up-close use.


The hose nuts, which are made of solid brass metal and the inner inserts, ensure that you get a leak-proof connection that won’t crack or strip.


Inner Hose Tubing (Extra-Thick and Heavy-Duty)


Its inner hose tubing provides higher water tolerance qualities and protection against corrosion, something other brands of hoses may lack. In addition, you also get a longer product life.


Chrome-Plated Finish


The chrome-plated finish will never peel off or fade, and it is 100% Stain-Resistant and Highest Quality. Therefore, it remains appealing to eye even after several years of use.


Tools-Free Installation


You only need three hand-tightening connections, making its installation fast and simple. Additionally, it comes with included washers, instructions and plumber’s tape.


• The AquaStar Elite spa shower head ensures you get less clogging and it prevents the buildup of harmful bacteria. Its antimicrobial/anti-clog nozzles inhibit the growth of mildew, mold, and build-up bacteria around and inside the jets. That ensures you get the best performance.
• The AquaStar Elite device provides you with clean shower nozzles. That improves the water pressure in addition to extending the lifespan of this product, giving your value for money.
• It’s a versatile device. For example, its stainless steel hose offers you greater mobility along with longer reach. That means you can use for bathing kids, cleaning applications and washing pets.
• The chrome-plated finish won’t fade, peel off or chip, allowing it to maintain its news look for years to come.
• The included plumber’s tape, washers, and instructions to ensure that you have an easy time installing your device.


• Depending on your needs and taste, you may find the water pressure to be sufficient, but not super high. However, considering its other features, it is one area you may overlook.


The AquaStar Elite (3-in-1) 48-mode Spa Shower Head is one device you should consider purchasing. You will find features such as its antimicrobial/anti-clog nozzles, Microban lifetime antimicrobial protection (built-in), and stainless steel hose to be of great use. The showerhead is also easy to install and fun to use, making it one of the best fixtures you can add to your bathroom.



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