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The Best Rainfall Shower Head for You

aquadance 6 premium high pressure 3 way rainfall shower combo

Last update was on: May 25, 2020 8:41 pm

If you want to do two things overhead and handheld with the same shower, then you will love our shower head. Because I can do two things with it. This product has been tested by experts around the world. So it’s been around the world. Its performance is very good. In this spring you get six types of water flow. There is a system for controlling each water. Here you will get the pleasure of rain. The ease of the massage, the accessibility of your body to your needs everywhere in the body. It’s actually 4 inches in size If you wish, you can get water flow with two faces simultaneously. When you take a bath, you can take the other hand and use it in the other joys of the body. Its stability is very good to guarantee warranty. You can also return it within a month. It will enhance the beauty of your bathroom so it is chrome finish and white in color. Premium Rainfall Shower Head: 6-inch chrome face high-power lever dial Ruby-Clean Jets (for easy cleaning and lime buildup resistance).

AquaDance 7″ Premium High-Pressure 3-Way Rainfall Shower

Last update was on: May 25, 2020 8:41 pm

This shower head has thirty settings, twelve of which are full and eighteen are combined. The six main settings that come out of the seven-inch shower head are power rain, power mist, pulsating massage, rain massage, water saving pause and rain mist. It has a click lever dial that is high powered and can be used overhead or as a handheld in the shower. It is made much more comfortable to use with its ergonomic grip handle. Angle adjustable, you can point the water wherever you wish hands-free. The water diverter works three ways with an anti-swivel position using a lock nut for a simple and secure connection. It has rub clean jets that make it a breeze to prevent lime buildup or hard water deposits. It comes with everything you need for an easy, tool-free installation. With just three hand-tightened connections, it will install in just minutes. It will fit any given standard shower arm. It has a lifetime warranty, along with living customer service within the USA. Elegant and refined, this model will make your bathroom look lovely.

Showers are great, aren’t they? It’s a moment of pure relaxation as warm water cascades down your body, soothing you inside and out, and no shower head can do that better than a rainfall shower head. They are designed to emulate the feeling of getting caught in a nice spring rain and thus are revolutionizing the way we take our showers, but one rainfall shower head far exceeds the rest. I’m talking about the Aqua Dance High-Pressure 3-way Rainfall Shower. It is, by far, the best make and model for the job of providing you with a shower you’ll never forget.

Things to Consider:-

I know what you’re thinking. “That’s all fine and dandy, but is this shower head really for me?” To be completely honest, that depends on who you are and what you want from your shower. If you don’t care much for rain, maybe this product won’t seem too attractive at first, but I can assure you that the Aqua Dance provides many advantages over other shower heads, and if any of these benefits apply to you, this rainfall shower head may be even more attractive than you had previously anticipated. With that said, keep in mind to look for how this shower head benefits you in your personal shower experience as I go into detail about the many benefits the Aqua Dance High-Pressure 3-way Shower Head has to offer. Let’s not waste any more time and get right down to the nitty-gritty details of this truly remarkable product.


A rainfall shower head will typically be mounted so that it is directly above you, as if it were a rain cloud. Most shower heads will shoot high pressure jets of water at you, which is inherently less therapeutic than the way a rainfall shower head works. It instead has many holes in the head that will let a generous amount of water simply fall on you, again, like a rain cloud, providing a much more relaxing sensation that not only cleans you, but literally showers you in luxury and washes your stress away. That’s an experience you won’t find anywhere else, unless of course you frequently stand out in the rain. The Aqua Dance shower head has 6 different settings to fit your personal preference and is detachable, allowing you to further customize your shower experience. It also offers rub-clean jets, which are great for cleaning your shower, and a water saving system that can be useful when in an RV or boat. All this can be done with simple button controls. Showering has never been a better experience.

The Efficiency:-

Let’s say that you’re a more practical kind of person and will buy things based on if and how they can improve your life in the long run. Say no more, friend, because the AquaDance is efficient as well as luxurious. I can sense your skepticism and I totally get it. How can a glorified rain simulator be a smart long-term investment? Get this, the design of a rainfall shower head sends water from directly above you and with a wide enough spray to cover your entire body when you stand under it. This means that you don’t have to move around as much to make sure that your entire body is washed. If you’re not spending time moving around your shower, you’re ultimately spending less time using your shower and guess what else you’ll be using less of if you spend less time in your shower. That’s right, you’re saving on water as well, which in turn, saves you money, so if you’re the practical type, this shower head works for you as well.

It’s Sensitivity:-

Maybe you, or someone you’re close to, have an issue with the high pressure blasts of water from a typical shower head. Maybe you have sensitive skin or perhaps muscle or joint pain and the typical shower head causes you too much discomfort. With a rainfall shower, particularly Aqua Dance, those problems are alleviated. Instead of a hose down, you recieve a steady and calm flow of water. This can be very therapeutic for your muscles and joints as they given a gentle and quite soothing massage from a steady rain fall. The problem with the typical shower head is that, the high pressure water is a bit aggressive and the spray isn’t as wide, causing the water to target specific parts of the body and nail them with a rough hose down. This is not at all therapeutic and could potentially cause you to feel worse coming out of your shower, and no one wants that.

Personal Experience:-

Believe it or not, I too could benefit from this product. I have high functioning autism and with any autism comes a plethora of quirks, including sensory issues. People with autism are much more sensitive to sight, sound, and touch, so of course, having the wrong kind of shower head can send me reeling. The sensation of a typical shower head can feel a thousand times worse for person with autism than for a person without it. With that said, a rainfall shower head would then feel a thousand times more relaxing as well, so I could greatly benefit from a product such as the Aqua Dance. You more than likely know someone with autism as well, since autism covers about 25% of our population, so maybe you can help them have a better shower experience as well.

The Competition:-

You now know why a rainfall shower head is a better option, but I pulled one from the group and told you it was the best. With that said, it’s time to compare the AquaDance High-Pressure 3-way Shower Head to the best of its competition. I’ll break down each product and compare to the AquaDance, proving to you why the AquaDance is simply better.

Grohe 27135000-This model offers a smaller diameter of only 6.5 inches, as opposed to the AquaDance, which has a diameter of 7 inches, offering better coverage. The Grohe only brandishes 4 shower head settings: rain, jet, champagne, and laminar. That pales in comparison to the AquaDance shower head, which comes equipped with a total of 6, count’em, 6 shower head settings which include: Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Rain/Massage, Power Mist, Rain/Mist, and the ever important Water Saving Pause Mode. It’s not hard to see that the Grohe model is truly and completely outclassed by the AquaDance High-Pressure 3-way Rainfall Shower. We could go so much deeper into this, though it hardly seems necessary, but this is for you, so I’ll go the extra mile. The AquaDance has a plethra of other features that the Grohe does not, considering there is very little information about the Grohe online.


Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance- The name is quite nifty, but there is little else about this shower head that is nifty as well. It has a diameter of 9.375, which does beat the AquaDance, but that’s the only time you’ll see it win. It includes a RainAir spray mode, which combines air with the water to make the drops of water feel bigger than they are. Despite that feature, the AquaDance still has a great many more features than the Raindance. Let’s face it, 6 settings is hard to beat and not a single shower head listed here will be able to do it.

ALFI 16-Inch-What’s so special about this one? It’s made with brushed stainless steel which means no finger prints and, as the term stainless implies, no stains. So you have a shower head that can’t get messy, big deal. The AquaDance is still the more productive and efficient of the two. The diameter of this shower head is where the difference is made. If you haven’t guessed, it’s a whopping 16 inches. That’s about the diameter of a typical pizza, Mama Mia!! Even with that, it doesn’t compare the the AquaDance and all of it’s amazing features, so take your pizza faucet elsewhere, Mario.

Kohler 8-Inch Contemporary- Kohler is a bit of a more popular name invarious appliances, but don’t be pulled in by a brand. They have their own quality design known as Katalyst Spray Technology(TM) which basically provides a more luxurious experience, but it doesn’t add up to the many features of the AquaDance. They also have Master Clean(TM) which prevents their heads from clogging and saves money on maintenance, but can they save you money on water? I don’t think so. The AquaDance can though, and trust me, more of your money is going towards your monthly water bill than on your occasional maintenance needs. Even the big brand name can’t compete.

Waterpik RPB-173 Drenching- This shower head packs more of a punch with an advanced OptiFLOW technology that covers a wider area with high pressure water. Of course, if you’re one of the affore mentioned people with joint and muscle pain, you may already be turned off by this. You already know that the AquaDance has 6 full settings that can provide you with a relaxing flow of water rather than a high pressure hose down, so obviously the Waterpik isn’t near as versatile. It is, however, much less expensive than the other shower heads, so it certainly helps when on a budget.

After reading this, your mind should be made up. The AquaDance High-Pressure 3-way Rainfall Shower exceeds its competition by leaps and bounds. Its plethora of features can suit the needs of any consumer, young, old, with pain and without. The only question left to answer is why you’re still deciding. If you have the money, go for the best you can have. You deserve it, after-all. You work hard and build up stress every day and return home to a shower than will never leave you fully satisfied. Close this article and go get yourself an AquaDance.






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