10 “modona rain shower head .5 years warranty with polished chrome for you.


rain shower head

If you want a lot of water, it’s right for you. Because it’s rain shower with 10 inches head. Its water flow speed is 2.5 gpm. This is a modern design fountain. Sprinkled and chrome color fountain. It will give you lots of rain by staying on top of your head. As a result you will get full satisfaction in Gosal. It is easy to set up. Prices and in your power. So there is no need to worry. Try a purchase to test. Do not worry about the stability Because with this the full 5 year warranty. Wind power is the success of series successive rainfall precipitation results even under the pressure of low water. Item Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 2 in. You can set it to the angle you want. The tape is free to set up. You have to understand that the products of all companies are not the same. So understand yourself well and make the right decision. Here are 5 years warranty meaning that the product is certainly good.


Price: $29.29



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