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RDNF-R Handheld Shower head for Kids

To give your child pleasure during bathing This handheld shower head needs to be purchased. When the baby’s eyes are on the top dolls while bathing every day. Then she will feel happy. Due to the speed of the water flow of the adults 2.5 G.P.M., Your baby may have pain. So the speed of the water flow of this shower head has been 1.5 GPM. As a result, the child will not feel any pain in the skin. As it is a handheld shower head so you can use it perfectly. Besides, your child can play with it. Water flow can be controlled using the switch. Get two types of water flow. So you will get the water as you need. Remember that the joy of the baby is your joy. So do not waste time to buy today. Products can reach your home.

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